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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SEW GREEN - Carol Chretien

One of the ways to save resources is to reuse or even create something new from something old that might be tossed away.
Ever since last fall I have been wanting to do this project of taking old quilts of ours that were still serviceable and remaking them into pet blankets for rescue.
It was a fun endeavor for me to step away from painting for a day and use my creativity in this "Green" Way.

One king-sized quilt was cut into 2 large dog-sized, 2 medium and 2 small pet (cat or dog) quilts that I will bring to my local animal shelter.
I sewed soft, plush fleece that I found at a local department store (marked down to $4.00 a yard!) to the back of the quilt piece and added a label on each with images from paintings that I did to help homeless animals and the message that Rescue and Adoption saves lives... with iron on transfers.
The whole project took me 4 hrs to complete and I think the animals in our local rescue will enjoy another blanket to cuddle on. The blankets are easily washed and dried.

It was a fun day adding art and sewing together to help.
Photos are copyrighted by the artist.

Front of Quilted side.

Fleece side with message label.

Beach Lover painting ... Art Helping Animals Adoption Saves Lives message.
Think creatively, Think Green and redesign your old items in a new useful, artful way.

1 comment:

stella said...

This is such an incredible idea! WONDERFUL!

Even the sewn on ADOPT tag!!