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Friday, January 2, 2009

"Chi Baby's New Year's Resolutions" Nancy Daleo-Ware

"Chihuahua in Orange and Blue"

#2 in the Chihuahua Baby Pop Art series
(second image depicts the series)

Chi Baby's New Year's Resolutions:

1. Frolic often
2. Work on Napoleonic Complex
3. Meet my heroes, Baby and Jana Kohl
3. Recycle my toys and tees
4. Chew bones instead of my sister's collars
5. Make a positive difference in the world!
Every teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy effort helps!

Painting Size: 5x7 Acrylic on Canvas

Bidding starts at $16. To place a bid, please CLICK HERE.

10% will be donated to Noah's Bark. Please visit their site to adopt at

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