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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Polar Trek by Janette Slack

Polar Trek
by Janette Slack
Printed Cards (from original 16 X 20" painting) available at $3 each,
or 3 cards for $8 (cards are 5 3/4" X 7"; blank inside)
To Purchase Contact:

Polar bears hunt seals on Arctic ice floes, up until the ice melts during summer. As global warming has reduced the amount of pack ice, polar bears are forced to stay on shore to fast for longer periods of time. It is predicted that if this trend continues, polar bears will be too undernoursihed to reproduce, and may become extinct by the turn of the century.
Arctic temperatures are rising at almost twice the rate of the rest of the world.
The survival of seals, walrus, Arctic foxes, and the Inuit people also depends on the availability of sea ice.

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Genergize said...

It would be sad if we did nothing to stop the loss of polar bear habitat.