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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Entertainer by Janette Slack

The Entertainer
16" X 20"; Watercolor
Often throughout the year, my husband and I treat ourselves to breakfast at Pineridge Hollow, located near Birds Hill Park, Manitoba. One morning, the restaurant was booked up, and we had to wait outside in the garden along with a large group of other guests. Moments later, a bird began to sing, regaling us with his wonderful, sweet voice.
At first, we were unable to find where this beautiful music was coming from, though we knew the wren was somewhere close-by. And then we found him, perched on a lattice and hidden by blooms - he was only an arms-length away!
The wren continued to sing, undaunted by our close proximity. In a nearby garden, a wedding was underway, and as the bride arrived by the groom's side, the little songbird warbled louder than ever!
Eventually, we sat down to breakfast on the patio, and were treated to the wren's lovely song all throughout the meal.

1 comment:

martinealison said...

Un très bel hommage à ce petit roitelet, qui n'aura pas chanté pour rien...
gros bisous