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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wild Cubs

Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 12"

The tiger is one of the largest and awesome predators in the wild world. Although critically endangered, tigers still prowl the border of India and Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and the Russian Far East. India is home to the largest tiger population.
These are the Royal Bengal tiger cubs. They are found in Sundarban in Bengal, India. The underside of the Bengal tiger is clean white. The stripes are like fingerprints- no two patterns are alike.

Anita Badami


Brad Miedema said...

Renate, This is such a beautiful painting! I am a big fan of tigers. I love the depth you have created in this piece. That rock looks like a photo! Nicely done!

Brad Miedema said...

I just realized this may not be yours? whoops. Still a beautiful painting...

Linda Young said...

Lovely painting

Perrine Renoir said...

guess what, i'm a fan. hope you don't mind me following you. :)