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Friday, December 18, 2009

Trees -- Coming Soon!

Wow.  Since TGP used a theme suggested by me, I feel like I need to submit.  I told Tanya that I tend to work in pen and ink and digital media.  I also occasionally pick up a paint brush and work with actual pigments.  This cartoon is a quick work-up of an idea that this week's theme suggested to me.  I'm more drawn to the concept here than the execution, but I am eager to dive in.  I also may continue to play around with this and post a reworked version before next Thursday comes around (we'll see -- tis' the season).

Glad I found this blog.  I've really been enjoying the work archived here. I look forward to being inspired and challenged by this site to produce more (and better!) green art.

See more of my art and comments at (and contact me through) my blog, Bungy Notes.  

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