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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fisherman's Roost by Janette Slack

Fisherman's Roost

by Janette Slack

20" X 24"; Watercolor

Victims of hunting and DDT, Brown Pelicans were nearly wiped out until they were added to the endangered species list in 1970. Populations recovered quickly along the Atlantic coast, and hopefully, this species will soon be removed from the endangered list in all areas, including along the Pacific and Gulf coasts.

Unlike White Pelicans, who dip below the water’s surface for fish as they swim, Brown Pelicans dive-bomb the water from a great height to catch their prey.

This painting was created from several photographs of Brown Pelicans along the Florida coast. Each afternoon, they would roost along the piers, waiting for fishermen to return with their day’s catch. Waiting for a hand-out is far easier than fishing on your own!

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