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Friday, April 16, 2010

Regal by Janette Slack

by Janette Slack
16" X 20"; Pastel on Board
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Snow leopards are currently hunted for their bones, skin, and organs, which are used in Traditional Chinese medicine. Human livestock practices have also pushed leopard numbers out of their natural habitat, at the same time damaging vital grassland that the leopards' wild prey needs to survive. With the disappearance of wild prey, snow leopards are forced to hunt livestock. As a result, they are often persecuted and killed.
Because snow leopards are so elusive, it is hard to know just exactly how many of these majestic animals still exist in the world today.
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patrice said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!

Ron West said...

Great work Janet, and the Snow Leopards need saving desperately.

There are less than 100 now in Russia, a place they once thrived in.

Sadly, there, in the name of sport, they are hunted with assault vehicles with 50 caliber machine guns.

I found my soap box.